January, 2015 Litter

We were very excited back in December when we found out that Mackenzie was pregnant and even more excited when the vet told us that we’d be having a good size litter of six puppies with the possibility of a seventh.

When it came time for Mackenzie to give birth, we were astonished when she had TWELVE PUPPIES! We couldn’t believe it. With that came another surprise, which was that for the first time ever we have Landseer (black & white mix) puppies. The whelping was long and tough, but mom and all of the pups came out healthy.

Giving credit to our amazing staff and the students who all put in long hours, the pups are now almost 7 weeks old, out of the “red zone” and doing very well. With such a large litter, it is not uncommon to lose a pup or two, but they are all doing great!


January, 2015 Puppies

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