About Us

Wolf Creek Newfoundlands is a partner with Together Freedom, an organization which supports American girls between the ages of 10-17 rescued from sexual slavery here in the United States. With the help of Together Freedom, we raise money to give these girls protection, care, love, and to give them back the childhood that was stolen from them. All proceeds from the puppy sales go towards the support and care of these young girls.

We are also very excited about our Canine Science program, which allows the children that Together Freedom supports volunteer to help care for and breed the Newfoundlands. We believe that animal therapy is a very important aspect of helping the girls regain a sense of their childhood. Many of the girls have taken advantage of the opportunity, and have greatly benefited from the experience.

We are located on a beautiful 45 acre campus outside of Austin, Texas. We have some chickens, a few goats, and a wild horse who likes to roam around our campus. We love all our animals but, of course, the biggest hugs go to the Newfs.

Before we acquired our Newfoundlands, we had the greatest admiration for the beautiful, gentle giants. Their sweet, easy-going nature and striking appearance was just what we wanted. But, we also had some reservations about — well — let’s just say it, the SLOBBER. But thanks to a 30 year selective breeding program our dream dogs are dry dogs (sometimes referred to as “drool-less). They are hug-able, lovable and, well, just wonderful dogs!

Our Current Breeding Dogs:

Our Future Breeding Dog:

Sire - Fezzik

Sire – Fezzik